Western Shoshone Oral Histories

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Western Shoshone Oral Histories


Oral histories of Western Shoshone elders collected by the Great Basin Indian Archive.


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Great Basin Indian Archive, in partnership with Barrick Gold of North America


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Items in the Western Shoshone Oral Histories Collection

Clara Woodson (Battle Mountain, NV) and Gracie Begay (Austin, NV), both Western Shoshone, explain their early lives, what life was like when they were younger, and different parts of their family background. They both talk about different stories…

Naomi Mason was born in 1929 and is currently a member of the Duck Valley Reservation. Naomi begins her oral history by speaking of her mother and father’s lives, and how they belong to the Dosa Wihi (White Knife) clan. She speaks of the Carlin…

Delaine Stark Spilsbury is a Western Shoshone, or as she says a Great Basin Shoshone, from Ely, Nevada. She was born in Ely, Nevada during the depression, and attended school there as well as Las Vegas. Delaine speaks about her ancestors and how the…

Laura Stark Rainey is a Western Shoshone from the Ely Shoshone Tribe part of the Western Shoshone Nation. Laura took us on a tour of the Cave Lake State Park and surrounding areas describing the hunting and gathering practices of the Western…

Ellison Jackson of Owyhee, NV discusses his early years of childhood in Owyhee and stories of his grandfather. Interviewed by Norm Cavanaugh and Joe Doucette, 27 January 2006, in Owyhee, NV View Oral History video in separate page if above player…