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Toolkit - Student Aids


Student Aids for Classroom Use


The collection contains student aids that faculty at GBC have used in their classes to help students.


GBC Faculty


GBC Virtual Humanities Center


July 2014


Scott A. Gavorsky

Items in the Toolkit - Student Aids Collection

S. Clowes explains what Cornell Notes are, how to create them, and how to use them.

Student-produced video discussing common problems with studying in college and how to develop good study skills. Used by Scott A. Gavorsky as an optional reference for students who are beginning college.

Those of you coming to college for the first time will likely find that the skills necessary for academic success are different from those learned in secondary education (high school). Most importantly, you will be asked to take more responsibility…

Collegiate Time Management advice and worksheets put together by the GBC Student Government and included in the 2013-2014 GBC Student Handbook.