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The Great Basin Indian Archives @ VHC is a collaborative digital exhibition of Western Shoshone oral histories, language and cultural resources to help revitalize the Western Shoshone language and preserve the living culture.

Shoshone Community Language Initiative (SCLI) 2017 Graduates Twelve Students

Shoshone Community Language Initiative 2017 Graduates
Shoshone Community Language Initiative (SCLI) 2017 Graduates

The 2017 Shoshone Community Language Initiative graduated its first group of Western Shoshone students from across the United States at a graduation ceremony at the Great Basin College Theater on Friday, 4 August 2017.

The graduates from both the first year (Beginning Shoshone) and second year (Advanced Shoshone) classes were:

Beginning ShoshoneAdvanced Shoshone
Miya Banuelos Lauren Carpenter
Brianna Esaw Jade Conklin
Kameron Gonzales Da'Shalyne Esaw
Breeyanna Hooper Anthony Maggio
Terry Don Howard Princess Mason
Cristian Perez Adam Nalley

The Shoshone Community Language Initiative (SCLI) is a four-and-a-half week summer program for Shoshone high school students hosted by the Great Basin College’s Great Basin Indian Archives Program and the Western Shoshone communities of northeastern Nevada. In addition to studying the Shoshone language, students met with local Western Shoshone Elders to learn about the culture and spent weekends visting local communities and historical sites.

Semahte Wahatte man To'ainkanna (Twelve)

If you missed Semahte Wahatte man To'ainkanna (Twelve), a traditional tale of the seasons and months as performed by the 2014 SYLAP students, we are proud to present it here:

Video courtesy of the the University of Utah Shoshoni Language Project.

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