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Non-oral history documents and files from the Great Basin Indian Archives


A collection of files and documents shared from the Great Basin Indian Archive holdings collections. The collection does not include the GBIA Western Shoshone Oral Histories, which are a separate collection.


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Semahte Wahatte man To'ainkanna (Twelve)
The play Twelve, explaining the origin of the months and seasons, is based on a traditional Shoshone story as told by Norm Cavanaugh. The play wascreated and performed bySYLAP participants during the summer of 2014 at the Natural History Museum of…

Shoshone Communities Language Teacher Workshop - 2016  (flyer)
Flyer for the Shoshone Communities Language Teacher Workshop organized by the Great Basin Indian Archive and hosted by Great Basin College on 18-19 November 2016.

During the Fall 2016 Shoshone Community Language Teachers Workshop, instructor Samuel Broncho distributed these documents to help community teachers develop curriculum and lesson plans. The documents include: Shoshone Language Curriculum for…

Western Shoshone Summer Film Series 2017 Posters [pdf files]
Two posters for the GBIA-sponsored Western Shoshone Summer Film Series in July and August 2017.

SCLI 2017 logo (temporary)
Temporary logo for the Shoshone Community Language Initiative (SCLI) 2017 program, for use in identifying oral histories collected during the program.

Shoshone Community Language Initiative (SCLI) Materials 2017
Materials, mainly pictures, related to the 2017 SCLI Summer Youth Program, which ran from 5 July through 4 August 2017.

Materials include:
1) Participants graduation photo, full size
2) Participants graduation photo, cropped to 600px wide for …

GBC Talks public panel on "Defining Native Americans: The Blood Quantum Issue," recorded at Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada, on 15 November 2017. Panelists included: Dr. Scott A. Gavorsky (Professor of History, Great Basin College) Jens…

Maurice Churchill - Oral history (08/01/2016)
Maurice Churchill is a Western Shoshone from Yomba, NV. His family came from Smoky Valley, NV. Maurice discusses his own cultural experiences as well as the importance and relevance of cultural knowledge. He talks about how the relationship between…
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