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Howard Hickson Histories


Stories of northeastern Nevada history authored by Howard Hickson.


Howard Hickson's Histories are true stories about Northeastern Nevada's colorful past, written with wry humor and keen insight into the sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, sometimes downright eerie lives of cowboys, miners, and gamblers, villains and saints and men and women of both extremes, who've inhabited or passed through the region. The collection is a cultural treasure that Great Basin College is privileged to make available to the world via the Internet. New stories are added as Howard sees fit.


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Collection Items

What's in a Name? Elko County Place Names
Story from Howard Hickson's Histories regarding Elko County, Nevada place names and their origin. The complete article is at the bottom of this page.View Original Webpage [archive website]

Elko: The First 100 Years
Story from Howard Hickson's Histories regarding the first 100 years of the city of Elko, Nevada's history.

Halley's Comet
Story from Howard Hickson's Histories regarding the visit of Halley's Comet.

Wilkins, Nevada: A 20th Century Ghost Town
Wilkins, Nevada, was located about 25 miles north of Wells on U.S. 93. Build next to the Wine Cup Ranch, Wilkins was centered on the Thousand Springs Trading Post, built in 1947 and purchased in 1953 by a group headed by movie star Jimmy Stewart.…

Moon Rock: Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko - 1970
Howard Hickson's experiences in transporting a moon rock from NASA for display at the Northeastern Nevada Museum in 1970. The story relates the problems NASA encountered in implementing a touring exhibit of the lunar materials. Read Article [pdf…

Mayor Bing Crosby: Elko, Nevada (1948-1977)
Singer and actor Bing Crosby owned a number of ranches in the North Fork area and frequented Elko with his family when vacationing on the ranches. In 1948, Bing became the honorary mayor of Elko, a position he held until his death in 1977, The…

The University of Nevada's first home was actually in the new community of Elko, NV, between 1874 and 1885. Hickson recounts the formation of the new school, the trials and tribulations of its first decade, and the legislative debates which resulted…
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