WebCampus and Software

GOOGLE FORMS (and Functions)

Google Forms can be used for numerous tasks on our campus including: collecting student feedback on new assignments or a department activity, collecting faculty feedback regarding policy changes, program entrance and exit surveys, course and program assessments, application forms, etc. All of the data is easy to download into a spreadsheet.

This document is the "How-To Guide" distributed to Google Forms Workshop participants presented by Carrie Meisner as a Spring 2016 Faculty In-Service.

[Contributed by Carrie Meisner]

Collegiate Study Skills - WebCampus Page

A basic page that can be added to any WebCampus course shell with brief study aids and links to GBC student resources. Instructions for placing the HTML code within WebCampus are given below.

A pdf file of the WebCampus page is available as well.

Many of these items can be found separately within the Humanities Toolkit.

1) Copy the HTML text.
2) In WebCampus course shell, click Add New Page.
3) In page editor, click on "HTML Editor"
4) Paste the text into the HTML Editor.
5) Save and test links.
6) Place in any desired course module.

[contributed by Scott A. Gavorsky]