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Interview with Elko Second World War veterans Ted Blohm and George Winch, Sr., recorded at the GBC Theater as part of Black and White Movie Night on 1 April 2016. Dr. Joshua Webster of GBC conducted the interview. COL Ted Blohm served in WWII,…

View MediaSite of Event Deepa is the founder of Promise and Assurance of Children Everywhere (PACE) Universal, a non-profit organization leading a program to prevent child trafficking and eradicate extreme poverty through education of girls and…

Thumbnail from "Spring 2015 Argentum and Student Art Exhibit"
Scenes from the Argentum 2015 Release Reception and Student Art Show on 7 May 2015, with interviews with artists Shawn Collins, Debbie Heaton-Lamp, Kacie Ortiz, and Cynthia Delaney. View video [streaming file]

temple.ladder ranch rev. 1-23-14.pdf
This pdf poster advertised the 2014 Cowboy Poetry Speakers, including Temple Grandin and Patrick and Shannon O'Toole.
Temple Grandin: "Improving Animal Welfare: A Practical Approach" and "Temple Grandin: The Movie"
Patrick and Shannon O'Toole:…

Temple Grandin discusses both her approach to using visual cues and design practices to solve practical problems in the processing of livestock, and also reflects on design from the perspective of autism and its problems. Talk delivered at Great…

2015 cowboy poetry presenters (4).pdf
The poster advertising the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Speakers Series, featuring Teresa Jordan and Gary Nabhan.

The Year of Living Virtuously - Weekends Off

Author Teresa Jordan discusses story-telling and writing as part of GBC's 2015 Cowboy Poetry Speakers' Series.

Collaborative Conservations of Ranchlands, Their Traditions, and Livelihoods

Discussion of efforts of ranchers, environmentalists, and other groups to collaboratively work together to preserve family farms and ranchlands throughout the West, as well as their traditions and customs.
Part of the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Speakers…
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