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Celebrating women throughout history.pdf
A Great Basin College Newspaper article advertising the celebration of Women's History Month at the Great Basin College Library. The article is from the February 28, 2002 issue of the Great Basin College Newspaper.

"Wilkins, Nevada: A 20th Century Ghost Town"
Wilkins, Nevada, was located about 25 miles north of Wells on U.S. 93. Build next to the Wine Cup Ranch, Wilkins was centered on the Thousand Springs Trading Post, built in 1947 and purchased in 1953 by a group headed by movie star Jimmy Stewart.…

sp16 Changes in WebCampus (1).pdf
The handout distributed during the Spring 2016 WebCampus In-Service, listing the new features and changes to WebCampus available in Spring 2016.

Elko County Place Names.pdf
Story from Howard Hickson's Histories regarding Elko County, Nevada place names and their origin. The complete article is at the bottom of this page.View Original Webpage [archive website]

Bruno-Success by GEOL 101 students.pdf
Collection of student comments from Carrie Bruno's GEO 101 class in Fall 2007, written for future students to take the course.

GBIA SCLI Movie Poster 2 (11x17).pdf
Two posters for the GBIA-sponsored Western Shoshone Summer Film Series in July and August 2017.

Flyer prepared for the Shoshone Community Language Teachers Workshop hosted by Great Basin College on 18-19 November 2016. The flyer contains a list of the Western Shoshone Oral Histories collected through November 2016, with oral histories with…

Vivian Cinnibar picture 1.jpg
Vivian Cinnabar is a Western Shoshone who resided at Duck Valley Reservation (Owyhee, NV) the majority of her life. She starts her narrative by speaking about contact and conflict between the Western Shoshone and the emigrants who were coming into…

Virginia Mae Jones picture.jpg
Virginia Jones is a Shoshone-Paiute from the Duck Valley reservation. She begins her oral history by describing the different types of drums that she currently own and how they are used in powwows, hand games, or circle dancing. She also tells us…
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