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Early Basque Workers.jpg
Inspired by the simple question asked by a godchild at bedtime, Vince Juaristi ponders why the Basque have become by a multitude of measures one of the most successful immigrant communities in the United States. He identifies four key factors which…

In 1937, 8-year-old Kermit Mirena Iriondo was evacuated from the Basque country following the Nazi bombing of Guernica (Basque: Gernika). Along with his old sister and two brothers, he boarded the SS Habana and sailed for England with 3,840 other…

Senator Pat McCarran.jpg
The efforts of Nevada Senator Patrick McCarran to pass an amendment to his Displaced Person's Act to allow Basque sheepherders to emigrate to the United States in 1948 through 1952. As a result, the McCarran-Walters Act (1952) adopted similar…

Florentino Goikoetxea.jpg
The story of Florentino Goicoechea (Basque: Florentino Goikoextea), a Basque resident and occassional smuggler living in the Pyrenees between France and Spain who operated the Réseau Comète or "Comet Line", an escape route for downed Allied airman…

Vince J. Juaristi's experiences and pride as a member of the Basque community and looking forward to Basque celebration as part of the National Folklife Festival. Part of the Intertwined series of articles celebrating Basque and American Encounters…

Official Presidential Portrait of John Adams
Account of John Adams visit to the Basque country in Spain in 1779. The visit was the result of delays in Adams travelling to Paris to begin the peace process in the American Revolution. [View Article webpage] Part of the Intertwined series of…

Color photo of Ramon (left) and Jame (right) Zugazaga, herders for the Jess Goicoechea Ranch, in the 1960s.

Black and white photo of a calf being branded. Marked on back "HB Ranch" - no date.

Black and white photograph of the Star Hotel in Elko, NV, one of the first Basque boarding houses in the area, built in 1910. Caption reads "Star Hotel, Elko, Nevada--Pedro Jauregui, Propietario." Photograph from the book _La Historia_ (no further…

Black-and-white photograph of the Telescope Hotel and Bowling Lanes in Elko, NV, one of the Basque boarding houses. The photo is from the late 1950s.
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