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Jay and Frankie Bilbao
Tom Bilbao, son of Basque immigrants Vicente & Paula Bilbao was born at Jack Creek, NV in 1925. His wife Frances "Frankie" Vicondoa Bilbao and son Jay Bilbao talk about prospecting & mining in northern Elko County and their "Aita", father Tom…

Frank Aguirre of Elko, Nevada discusses living in large Basque family. Topics include the railroad work of his father, Guy Aguirre, the various chores and jobs growing up in ranching country during the later years of the Depression, relations with…

In 1937, 8-year-old Kermit Mirena Iriondo was evacuated from the Basque country following the Nazi bombing of Guernica (Basque: Gernika). Along with his old sister and two brothers, he boarded the SS Habana and sailed for England with 3,840 other…

Black and white photo of a calf being branded. Marked on back "HB Ranch" - no date.

Ana Maria Arbillaga immigrated to the United States in 1960 after the death of her mother. Her aunt was already in the U.S. After a year in Santa Rosa, California, Ana Maria moved to Elko, Nevada. She discusses the process of immigration and…

Early Basque Workers.jpg
Inspired by the simple question asked by a godchild at bedtime, Vince Juaristi ponders why the Basque have become by a multitude of measures one of the most successful immigrant communities in the United States. He identifies four key factors which…

The official program from the 2016 Elko National Basque Festival, held 1-3 July 2016. This was the 53rd year of the Festival. This year, a number of remembrances of local members of the Basque community are included.

The official program from the 2015 Elko National Basque Festival, held 3-5 July 2015. This was the 52nd year of the Festival. The Festival Theme was "Eman ta zabal zazu Munduan frutua"--"Give and deliver the fruit unto the world." The program…

The official program of the 2014 Elko National Basque Festival, held on July 4-6, 2014. This was the 51st year of the Festival.

The official program of the 2013 Elko National Basque Festival, held 5-7 July 2013. This was the 50th Anniversary Year of the Festival.
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