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The Elko General Merchandise Company, known locally as Anacabe's Store, has been an Elko institution for almost 80 years. Operating out of the same location on Idaho Street, the store is a testament both to the Anacabe family and the Basque…

The official program from the 1991 Elko National Basque Festival, held 5-7 July 1991. This was the 28th year of the Festival.

The official program from the 1992 Elko National Basque Festival, held 3-5 July 1992. This was the 29th year of the Festival.

The official program from the 2001 Elko National Basque Festival, held 6-8 July 2001. This was the 38th year of the Festival.

A history of the Overland Hotel in Elko, Nevada, USA, under original owners Domingo (Dan) and Gregoria Sabala from 1908 until 1938. The second largest of the Basque-owned hotels in town, the Overland served as a hostel for new Basque immigrants and…

Mary B. Urriola Smith lived at Jack Creek Ranch as a young girl from 1925 until 1935, during the period in which her parents Ysidro and Esperanza Urriola leased the ranch. Her childhood memories recount the characters of the day-to-day life on the…

Ana Maria Arbillaga immigrated to the United States in 1960 after the death of her mother. Her aunt was already in the U.S. After a year in Santa Rosa, California, Ana Maria moved to Elko, Nevada. She discusses the process of immigration and…

A selection of letters from San Franciscan Theodore "Teddy" Dierks and Ramon Lugea from 1940 through 1956. Dierks as a young man had been encouraged by Jules Altube of the Spanish Ranch to stay in Tuscarora in 1902 as a treatment for Dierks'…

The official poster of the 2016 Elko National Basque Festival, in a letter-sized (8.5" x 11") format. The poster is marking the 53rd annual festival, and includes a list of events. For a full-size poster, contact the Elko Euzkaldunak Club directly.

An history and analysis of the life of Basque sheepherders from the 1850s into the mid-20th century. Particular emphasis is placed on the experience of those in Elko County, Nevada, in the 20th centuryas recounted in personal interviews with former…
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