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Tobey Hilman picture.jpg
Toby Hilman is a Northern Paiute from the Pyramid Lake Reservation where he grew up until he attended Stewart Indian School. He speaks about being at Stewart and the discipline that was practiced there. Although one thing that he did receive from…

Alvin and Lorrain picture.jpg
Lorrain and Alvin Sims are both members of the Duck Valley Sho-Pai tribe. Alvin speaks first about his parents Edna Charles and Jack Sims and where they came from before moving to the Duck Valley reservation. He also spoke about how his father worked…

Elizabeth 'Liz' Brady Picture.jpg
Elizabeth “Liz” Brady was born in Elko, NV between the Elko Smoke Shop and I-80 where the old Elko Senior Citizens Center was located. Her father’s name was Sontag Jackson whose grandparents were from the Austin area and were part of the Dubba…
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