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1967 Scrapbook.pdf
Collection of newspaper articles that were written during the year 1967-1968. These articles timeline the events that occurred at Great Basin College (Elko Community College) in 1967-1968.

Carrie Dan IEN picture.jpg
Carrie Dan is a Western Shoshone from Crescent Valley, NV. Carrie attended and spoke at the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) Conference in Lee, NV on May 8, 2006. She spoke about the Western Shoshone’s current position within the United States…

"Wilkins, Nevada: A 20th Century Ghost Town"
Wilkins, Nevada, was located about 25 miles north of Wells on U.S. 93. Build next to the Wine Cup Ranch, Wilkins was centered on the Thousand Springs Trading Post, built in 1947 and purchased in 1953 by a group headed by movie star Jimmy Stewart.…

Elko The First 100 Years.pdf
Story from Howard Hickson's Histories regarding the first 100 years of the city of Elko, Nevada's history.

Elko County Place Names.pdf
Story from Howard Hickson's Histories regarding Elko County, Nevada place names and their origin. The complete article is at the bottom of this page.View Original Webpage [archive website]
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