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Heidi DuSoleil, as Ophelia, ruminates on Hamlet's odd behavior in the Hamlet excerpt of Bard in the Yard II DLC rehearsals.

Derek Burwell helps the audience navigate through the various Shakespeare pieces in Bard in the Yard II DLC rehearsals.

Derek Burwell as Puck and Meghan Campbell as Cobweb wait for their entrances during a performance of Bard in the Yard II excerpt from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Performed by Silver Stage Players and directed by Frank L. Sawyer. Performances were…

Student-produced video discussing common problems with studying in college and how to develop good study skills. Used by Scott A. Gavorsky as an optional reference for students who are beginning college.

Collegiate Time Management advice and worksheets put together by the GBC Student Government and included in the 2013-2014 GBC Student Handbook.

Combinatory Play.pdf
Kathy Schwandt's basic description: "Combinatory play is an extraordinarily easy way to generate ideas. Suppose you want to invent something new. Select 20 objects at random. You can select any objects, objects at home, objects at work, or objects…

Production photograph from Silver Stage Players' production of Bard in the Yard III - Beyond the Veil, directed by Frank L. Sawyer in July of 2015. The photograph subjects are from an excerpt of Macbeth, the witches confront Macbeth. Erika Patrick…

The official program of the 2014 Elko National Basque Festival, held on July 4-6, 2014. This was the 51st year of the Festival.

The official program of the 1989 Elko National Basque Festival, held from June 30 to July 2, 1989. This was the 26th year of the Festival.
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