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Dennis F Pete Sr Picture.jpg
Dennis F. Pete, Sr. was born at the Duck Valley Reservation (Owyhee, NV-ID) to Bessie and Alec Cleveland. He went to school in Owyhee also at the Swayne School where he would play basketball and football. Later in life he got married and moved to…

Tobey Hilman picture.jpg
Toby Hilman is a Northern Paiute from the Pyramid Lake Reservation where he grew up until he attended Stewart Indian School. He speaks about being at Stewart and the discipline that was practiced there. Although one thing that he did receive from…

Beverly Brazzanovich and Harold Miller picture.jpg
Beverly Brazzanovich and Harold Miller are both Paiute from eastern Nevada. Harold Miller was born in 1927, and whose native name is Bazinokwah, is from the Walker River reservation near Schurz, NV. Beverly Brazzanovich, on the other hand, heralds…
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