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Lyle Nutting and Eloy Thacker picture.jpg
Lyle Nutting and Eloy Thacker were both born and grew up in Duck Valley Reservation (Owyhee, NV-ID) and attended school there as well. In fact, Nutting’s dad was the first principal in Owyhee, at a time when there were five separate schools there.…

Earl and Beverly Crum Picture.jpg
Earl and Beverly Crum speak about the different types of traditional Shoshone songs sung during different ceremonies and events. They speak about how songs are more than just a melody but include a story and sometimes a moral. They also talk about…

Ellison Jackson Picture.jpg
Ellison Jackson was the son of Robert Jackson and Lena Jackson. He is best known by his Native name Bombo. Bombo tells us of his childhood growing up in a tent near the Presbyterian Church in Owyhee, Nevada. He also tells us of his experience at the…
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