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Rosie Hall Jones picture.jpg
Rosie Hall is a Western Shoshone from Duck Valley reservation (Owyhee, NV-ID). Her family came from various areas throughout the Great Basin region such as Ruby Valley and Paradise Valley. Her family was came from the Ainga diccada group. She…

Johnny Bobb picture.jpg
Johnny Bobb is a Western Shoshone from the Yomba reservation. He was born near Austin, Nevada and was raised by his grandma and grandpa. Johnny tells us of his up-bringing and how his grandparents were concerned with traditional practices being…

Fall 2014 (vol. 2, no. 1)

Tortoise Talk Fall 2014 - Jan 24 2015.pdf
Student journal of the Great Basin College Nature Club
From Introduction:
"Hello Readers! Great Basin College Nature Club has returned for another season of adventures. We at Nature Club promote physical fitness, collaboration between students, and…
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