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Humanities at GBC

While the HC@gbc is new, the committment of GBC's students, faculty, and staff is long-standing. Below are some of the many humanities activities being undertaken at GBC.


April 2021 Marks the 25th Annual Celebration of Poets and Poetry!

To celebrate National Poetry Month, we invite you to join us in creating, sharing and celebrating poetry all month long!

Week 1: Book Spine Poetry

Poems can range from the silly to the profound (but not profane please, this is a kid-friendly event).
Three easy steps to play:

  1. Collect books from around your house.
  2. Stack up books, spines out, to create a free verse poem from titles.
  3. Take a picture of your poem, type the poem out in the text box, and post or tag us on our HC@gbc Facebook and/or Instagram pages and include #nationalpoetrymonth.

Spine Poetry for 2021 graphic.Trickster makes this world:
Mapping the empty,
Rehearsing with Gods,

Week 2: Blackout Poems

Blackout poetry is made by marking over parts of existing text to leave selected words that create a poem.

Watch a short video of how to use newspapers by a master or have fun with this online Blackout Poetry Maker and share your creations with us!

Blackout Poetry 2021 graphic.

Week 3: Your Favorite Poem!

Post a favorite poem (please credit the author) or record yourself reading a favorite poem and share the video with us! Need some help finding a poem? Check out Poets online and the Poetry Foundation!

Week 4: Write a 7x7x7 Poem*

            • Find the 7th book on your bookshelf (from left, top or bottom- up to you!)
            • Open to the 7th page
            • Look at the 7th sentence on the page
            • Begin a poem with that sentence
            • Make the poem 7 lines long

Tag us on our HC@gbc Facebook and/or Instagram pages and include #nationalpoetrymonth. *Thank you Mary Jaksch for the idea!

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“To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail.” -Abraham Maslow

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