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"The humanities remind us where we have been and help us envision where we are going." - The American Academy of Arts and Sciences


The twenty-first century is a time of tremendous change. While technological and scientific developments litter media coverage, the human dimensions of these changes often is unappreciated. The American Academy of Arts and Sciences recently asked prominent American artists, business leaders, and politicians about their perceptions of the value of the Humanities . . . .

"Heart of the Matter" video

Humanities for Citizenship

Humanities lies at the core of the liberal arts, developed to teach students the value and application of libertas, the pursuit of a free, independent, and productive life.

and for Careers

For many college students, starting a career is a priority. Yet the business community recognizes the centrality of the humanities in the success of employees. In everything from innovative thinking desired by modern companies to preparing for higher leadership positions, the humanities pave the way.

and for Life

Even those planning on moving into life-long careers will find the demands of their professions changing due to technology, society, or just the positions taken. The humanities skills and knowledge provide a basis for life-long learning and adaptation in a changing world. A collegiate education is not just about the first job; it is about the first, the last, and everything in between.

The Growing Dialogue

The growing discourse about the importance of the Humanities to the 21st century is part of the inspiration behind the GBC Virtual Humanities Center. Below are some of the discussions that we find the most engaging:

Featured Article

Humanities matter because we are all part of the human race--the human experience.

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"Art is a therapeutic instrument: its value lies in its capacity to exhort, console, and guide us toward better versions of ourselves and to help us live more flourishing lives, individually and collectively."

- John Armstrong

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