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Call for Submissions

Digital Humanities of the Great Basin was founded to collect, preserve, and make available the human experience in rural Nevada. And we live in a diverse place: from cities to ghost towns and everywhere in between, the people of this amazing place tell so much of its story.

We would love to add your experience to our archive. We have three running prompts below, and we encourage you to add to one or all of them. Simply e-mail digitalhumanities@gbcnv.edu with your submission. Please limit submissions to 500 words and all submissions are subjecting to editing and approval.

Home Means?

With tens of thousands of square miles in our region, home can mean something different to every one of us. What does it mean to you? Share what it means to be in your home with us. Make sure to include your location with submissions (exact address not required).

What I Do

The Great Basin is a place that works, and there are so many ways all of us make a living. Describe your job to us: what you do, what you see, etc. You do not need to include your employer in this submission.

This is My Day

Just as there are many paths through the Great Basin, there are many paths through our days here. Walk us through a normal day for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at digitalhumanities@gbcnv.edu. Thank you in advance for your submissions. We appreciate the opportunity to tell the story of the Great Basin with a fuller picture.