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Artist Evi Buell talks about her creative process and shows examples of the cameras she used to create some of the photographs in the exhibit "Another Lens" on display in the GBC Hall Gallery, Elko Campus.

First Cow.pdf
Film Title: First Cow
Reviewer Name: Russ Minter

Film Title: In the Mood for Love
Reviewer: Josh Webster

Film Title: Dick Johnson is Dead
Reviewer Name: Russell Minter

In the summer of 1992, a group of college students and their film teacher make a movie in the streets of Singapore, a place where there is little domestic film production at the time. After their work is completed, the young screenwriter, producer,…

2017 Great Basin College tabloid-sized film festival poster.

2019 Great Basin College tabloid-sized film festival poster.

2018 GBC Film Festival Sponsors Thank You Trailer.mp4
2018 Great Basin College Film Festival sponsor "thank you" video.
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