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Poe & Pints 2018: Sold-Out video for the fifth installment of the Poe & Pints project directed by Frank L. Sawyer and Derek Burwell.

Frank L. Sawyer first conceived of the project in 2014. Said Sawyer, “I wanted to create an unique event for the…

VHC logo in 150 px height (to match GBC logo) for webuse

GBC Logo for Great Basin College website use only.

Canon X1 Manual.pdf
Copy of the Canon manual for the XH G1s / XH A1s HD Video Cameras.
Canon Publication DIM-894

To what extent does religious liberty conflict with federal and state laws on a range of issues, or even personal choices? How should such conflicts be resolved, while protecting the Constitution's rights to religious liberty? This GBC Talks…
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