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Study Skills Workshop 3 - Reading for Information.pdf
TAACCCT Grant developed guide for students on reading for information across a variety of contexts. The MediaSite video is hosted by TAACCCT team members Season Riley and Annie Hicks. Click to view MediaSite Video…

A flyer listing the core skills a humanities-based education can deliver. The skills are broken down into the categories used by Great Basin College in the General Education Requirements.

Collegiate Time Management advice and worksheets put together by the GBC Student Government and included in the 2013-2014 GBC Student Handbook.

Thumbnail - Collegiate Study Skills WebCampus Page
A complete WebCampus page in HTML coding with links to various collegiate study skill guides and student resources at GBC.

Student-produced video discussing common problems with studying in college and how to develop good study skills. Used by Scott A. Gavorsky as an optional reference for students who are beginning college.

Video Still - Creating Cornell Notes (S. Clowes)
S. Clowes explains what Cornell Notes are, how to create them, and how to use them.
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