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To what extent does religious liberty conflict with federal and state laws on a range of issues, or even personal choices? How should such conflicts be resolved, while protecting the Constitution's rights to religious liberty? This GBC Talks…

Study Skills Workshop 2 - Listening for Information & Note Taking.pdf
TAACCCT Grant developed guide for students on listening for key information and note-taking in class. The MediaSite video is hosted by TAACCCT team members Season Riley and Annie Hicks. Click to view MediaSite Video Presentation:…

Newe Lesson Planning.docx
During the Fall 2016 Shoshone Community Language Teachers Workshop, instructor Samuel Broncho distributed these documents to help community teachers develop curriculum and lesson plans. The documents include: Shoshone Language Curriculum for…

An video introduction to citation and practices such as quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing prepared by Dr. Scott A. Gavorsky, Professor of History at Great Basin College for use in classes. The video covers the basic purposes of citation,…

A summary of Basque tree-carvings in the northeastern Nevada area, based on Richard Lane's investigations in 1969-1970 for his dissertation research. Lane was a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology at Yale University at the time. The…

Nevada Governor Proclamation.pdf
A Proclamation by the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, naming 29 June 2016 a day in honor of "Basque Heritage and Culture in Nevada." The proclamation is dated 24 May 2016.

sp16 Changes in WebCampus (1).pdf
The handout distributed during the Spring 2016 WebCampus In-Service, listing the new features and changes to WebCampus available in Spring 2016.

Collaborative Conservations of Ranchlands, Their Traditions, and Livelihoods

Discussion of efforts of ranchers, environmentalists, and other groups to collaboratively work together to preserve family farms and ranchlands throughout the West, as well as their traditions and customs.
Part of the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Speakers…

Discussion aimed at first-generation college attendees about the enrollment process for college classes, and the concepts of add/drop and withdrawing.

Discussion aimed at first-generation college attendees about the basics of college courses, how they are organized, and the specialized vocabulary used in the courses.
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