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Elizabeth Dann picture.jpg
Elizabeth “Liz” Dann addresses students at the Shoshone Community Language Initiative (SCLI) program at Great Basin College. She starts her presentation by offering a prayer, and then speaks about the importance of our traditions. She also speaks…

Illaine Premo picture 1.jpg
Illain Tybo Premo was born to Ada Cortez Johnson and Cortez Charlie who were from the Beowawe/Cortez area. Her ancestors came from Smoky Valley and the Austin area. During her childhood she speaks about moving all around Western Shoshone territory to…

Darlene Hooper's picture.jpg
Darlene Hooper Dewey is a Western Shoshone who was born and raised in Yomba, Nevada. She gives a detailed account about how and when contact between the indigenous and immigrants took place, and how many of the Shoshones worked for many of the…
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